Darkadya #2 on the home stretch!

This limited edition, hand-numbered second tome of Darkadya - The Book Of Art From Below, featuring a selection of Killustrations artwork among numerous works of many awesome colleagues (such as Mark Riddick, Seth Siro Anton, Marcelo Vasco or Christophe Szpajdel, just to name a few), is available for pre-order for only a few more days until September 29th!

How does it work? Upon the pre-order, you choose the artist you want your profit to go to, and Darkadya sends the profit of this particular book directly to the artist. This book is AVAILABLE THROUGH PRE-ORDERS ONLY! There will be no more books printed besides the books ordered between August 28th and September 29th. Immediately after the pre-order phase, the amount of pre-ordered books will be going to print, arrive back at the Darkadya headquarters most likely in the third week of October, and will be packaged and sent to you rightaway.

For more infos & pre-orders go to facebook.com/darkadya and darkadya.com!