Elongated Eternity

Signa Aeterna - Signa Infesta was a blast! My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Alexandra & Wolfgang Süssenbeck and the whole Metal's Rockbar staff for inviting Killustrations and being awesome hosts, it was a pleasure and an honour! Very special greetings to my dear colleague Joachim Luetke, whom I had the pleasure to meet in person for the first but hopefully not last time.

Upon request by people who didn't make it to the exhibition last weekend, Signa Aeterna - Signa Infesta will be extended by another weekend. Joachim and me unfortunately won't be there, but for those of you who are interested: All exhibits will be shown from Thursday, Sep 21st to Saturday, Sep 23rd again, while you can purchase some of the exhibits as well as art prints, shirts, books and more at the Metal's Rockbar, too!