2015 has been a great year for Killustrations. It brought new projects, new challenges, new friends and new perspectives. We have created various artworks for music albums, shirts, books, stage props and many more purposes. Bands, festivals, authors and companies we worked with have been hailing from the USA, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Austria, Denmark, The Netherlands, Romania or Algeria – and it's an honour to be able to spread our very own imagery all over the globe. As some of those artworks are still to be revealed, the image below is only a small selection of what Killustrations did in 2015.

2016 will hopefully hold at least as many new projects, challenges and perspectives, and we're very much looking forward to it. We already started working on the first projects, and especially the Painted In Blood exhibition will surely be one of the first highlights (Grand opening on February 5th, click here for details). Whatever 2016 may finally bring, we're very grateful for being able to make a living on what we love! So for now, I'd like to close this with a quote by Mr. Lemmy Kilmister:

“Death is an inevitability, isn't it? You become more aware of that when you get to my age. I don't worry about it. I'm ready for it. When I go, I want to go doing what I do best. If I died tomorrow, I couldn't complain. It's been good.“