"Masterpieces 2017" by Heavy Music Artwork

Heavy Music Artwork presents the best artworks of 2017

100 artists with 100 bands on 100 releases - With bands', artists' and Heavy Music Artwork commentary. A4 Hardback (210mmx297mm) . Collected in one deluxe volume. Printed on high gloss 200gm paper. Limited to 100 hand numbered and embossed copies.

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Featuring Mastodon, Arch Enemy, MANTAR, Cradle of Filth, Odium Thrashmetal, Svartsyn, Nocturnal Rites - The Official Site, Suffocation, Iced Earth and many more.

Artists include Seempieces - The Art of Travis Smith, Metastazis, Darkgrove, Above Chaos, Costin Chioreanu, Kris Verwimp, Eliran Kantor, Abstrata - The Art of Gustavo Sazes, Killustrations and many more...