A one eye army led by Björn Gooßes

Artwork Exhibition

In just over two weeks my dear colleagues Thomas Ewerhard, Wito Apitzsch and me will be joining forces for the RockHarz Open Air!

Each festival day from noon to night, you can discover many new pieces, buy limited edition prints or simply pop in for a beer. You will find us right in the middle of the festival infield.

The icing on the cake: You can win a large-format canvas print of the 2024 RockHarz motif (designed by Thomas Ewerhard)! All proceeds from the raffle will go to Ballenstedt's Wolterstorff Gymnasium and its "Diversity Fest". Under this banner, the school is not only taking a clear stance against right-wing extremism, but is also planning to use the donation to realise further projects over the course of the year that deal with topics such as discrimination and diversity.

This website is under construction, so for now this is just a very small selection of artwork. More to come soon.

In the meantime, please visit my facebook or instagram page or the official Killustrations art store!


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