Bands we have worked with (excerpt):

Aborted (GER), Amon Amarth (SWE), Carnal Forge (SWE), Circle II Circle (USA), Criminal (CHI), Death Angel (USA), Dew-Scented (GER), Diamond Head (USA), District97 (USA), Drone (GER), End Of Green (GER), Extrema (ITA), Facebreaker (SWE), Fear My Thoughts (GER), God Dethroned (NLD), Hackneyed (GER), Hatesphere (DEN), Illdisposed (DEN), Kataklysm (CAN), Lacrimas Profundere (GER), Lay Down Rotten (GER), Magenta (GBR), Mob Rules (GER), Motorjesus (GER), Nervecell (UAE), Night In Gales (GER), Norther (FIN), Obscenity (GER), One Man Army & the Undead Quartet (SWE), Onkel Tom (GER), Pendragon (GBR), Pyogenesis (GER), Severe Torture (NLD), Six Feet Under (USA), Sodom (GER), Soul Demise (GER), Suidakra (GER), The Crown (SWE), The Very End (GER), This Ending (SWE), Undertow (GER), Vomitory (SWE), White Willow (NOR), Zero Hour (USA), Zyklon (NOR)

Labels we have worked with (excerpt):

AFM (GER), Candlelight (GBR), Century Media (GER), Cruz Del Sur (ITA), Cyclone Empire (GER), Deepsend (USA), Earache (GBR), Hamburg Recordings (GER), Lifeforce (GER), Limited Access (GER), Massacre (GER), Metal Blade (GER), Metal Mind (POL), Modern Noise (GER), Napalm (AUT), Nocturnal Art (NOR), Nuclear Blast (GER), Osmose (FRA), Remission (GER), Roll The Bones (GER), Sensory (USA), Silverdust (GER), Sinternational (USA), Truth Inc (AUS), Spinefarm (FIN), Steamhammer/SPV (GER), The Laser's Edge (USA), Tigermoth (GBR), Xtreem (ESP)

Festivals / open airs we have worked with (excerpt):

Bringer Of Death (GER), Death Feast (GER), Endzeit (GER), Evil Horde (GER), Nord (GER), Party-San (GER), Pestbaracke (GER), Rage Against Racism (GER), Summer Breeze (GER), Sundown (GER), Turock (GER), Up From The Ground (GER), Waves Of Metal (NLD), Ways Of Darkness (GER)

Companies / agencies / magazines / other we have worked with (excerpt):

2010Lab (GER), Baden-Württemberg Stiftung (GER), BCP Agency (GER), Black Gold Rebel Promotion (GER), Chaos Magazine (GER), Christian Krumm (GER), ECCE (GER), Endless Promotion (GER), Eternalconcert (GER), Featured Artists (GER), For Those Who Chose To Pose (GER), Hellpower Oldenburg (GER), In Ur Face (GER), Intromental (DEN), KLB & Partner (GER), Konzerte NRW (GER), Legacy Magazine (GER), Metal Train (GER) ,MIEU (GER), Pepite (GER), Ruhr2010 (GER), Social Media Konzepte (GER), Soundspiral Audio (FIN), Speedy Promotion (GER), Staupa Musica (GER), Turock (GER), Under The Blade (GER), Visions In Fear (GER)